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SHAFTESBURY - 5 miles - 10 minute drive

Gold Hill



Steeped in history and tradition, it offers visitors breathtaking views and the warmest of welcomes. The ‘Shaston’ of Thomas Hardy’s novels, Shaftesbury is one of the oldest and highest  towns in England and dominates what Hardy called the ‘engirdled and secluded’ Blackmore Vale.

The beauty of the surrounding countryside is complimented by the collection of fine, historical buildings that make up the centre of Shaftesbury itself. The famous Gold Hill (of the Hovis Bread advertisement fame) with its steep cobbles and picturesque cottages is the epitome of rural charm from a previous time. Many nice shops and eateries and Market Day each Thursday.


Mereworth House Bed & Breakfast

Located only 5 miles away, our B&B accommodation is just a 10 minute drive to Shaftesbury.

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